Business mentoring, coaching and professional development can be a pivotal point in your business success. Whether starting out, or confused about just what to do next, or if you’re at crunch time around expansion, having a mentor to support you through the process is invaluable. Most successful entrepreneurs have a mentor in 'their corner' to filter out the 'white noise' we so easily get caught up in, and to focus on the areas of success and innovation.

Enlist your coach or mentor so you:
* Go into practice with business skills up your sleeve
* Start out with all the elements for success in place
* Have strong confidence in what you are doing and why
* Can see opportunity in even the ordinary
* Plan how to scale your business to the next level without stress
* Can gain Mental Health First Aid Accreditation

Refunds and transfers are not possible once you have accessed course materials. Please see our full Ts & Cs for details of our policies on our website.

  • You will need access to a device that enables you to connect to Zoom or Skype (depending on the session you book into).
Course Image Live Sm Grp Webinar: Intro to Digital Marketing on Facebook & Instagram

Work with Digital Marketing expert Heather Porter.

Automating your Facebook page and creating the best settings so your ads run without hassle. Avoid wasting hard earned dollars on pointless posts and content that doesn't engage the people you intend it to. Building a successful presence can be slow and mind numbing or fun and dynamic. Start out with the right knowledge so your time is well spent and your business prospers. 

Requirements: Zoom account (free and safe to join)

Presenter: Heather Porter

Course Image Live Sm Grp Webinar: Making the Best Start in Business: Passion to Success

How do I get a business name? Do I have to register it? Where do I get a domain name? What is a domain name and a server? What bank account do I have to pay receipts into? What about a trademark? Wow... how on earth do I get this plane off the ground? There's so much to do and I have no idea where to start first and I want to get it right straight off.

Sound familiar? Yes! Well then this live webinar is clearly for you!

Requirements: Zoom account (free and safe to join)

Presenter: Heather Porter

Course Image Live Sm Grp Webinar: Top six essentials every website needs to increase conversions


Ever thought about what would happen if you stopped wasting valuable web traffic, started attracting more ideal prospects and could convert them into paying customers? That's the dream right? Knowing what exact tactics you should take to improve your online marketing can leave you feeling overwhelmed, but the great thing is that’s not actually as hard as you may think. In fact making these 6 simple tweaks to your website today, has the potential to significantly increase your earning potential tomorrow. Whether you have an e-commerce platform looking to generate more online sales, or a service based business looking to double your lead volume, this masterclass is for you if you want access to enhance your online game.

In this session we’ll be covering:
* The 6 essential elements every high converting website needs
* Easy-to-implement, digital strategies for generating more sales and leads while you sleep
* Simple online optimisation tactics to increase business revenue

Requirements: Zoom account (free and safe to join)

Presenter: Heather Porter

Course Image Live Sm Grp Webinar: How to find and market to your ideal client

Having a crystal clear picture of the ideal clients you want to attract helps you focus your efforts so you’re not running around creating “one size fits all” products, services and marketing that doesn’t have any impact.

Generalising your marketing and your offering to everyone can have negative effects — you can end up missing the mark totally – not finding the right prospects who will turn into paying clients. Having a target client in mind provides clarity and purpose to your content. It gives you a laser focus for your marketing and avoids wasting time and energy.

This webinar shows you how to define your ideal client and make your marketing easier. You will learn:

* Ways to find, and market to, your ideal clients
* How to build a content strategy around your ideal audience
* What content will resonate most with your perfect client
* When to ‘leave money on the table’ rather than spread yourself too thin
* How to get your content noticed to attract the interest of clients

Once you have enrolled, please login and read instructions carefully.

Requirements: Zoom account (free and safe to join)

Presenter: Heather Porter

Course Image LiveSmGrp Mentoring Session: Develop Your Business Vision & Mantra: From Idea to Market Place

In this small group session you'll develop your business vision and create your compelling vision mantra (your message), you'll never stutter or stumble over 'what do you do"? questions again. You'll gain clarity of how to ensure that what you are offering is what clients want through a compelling business and personal narrative.  Ensure you are connecting with your 'tribe' and know you're offering what it is they want! You will arrive at:
  • Identifying the key areas of creating a coaching business
  • Creating your unique business vision
  • Knowing your unique service
  • Identifying the characteristics and mindset of your ideal client
  • Creating your awesome business mantra so you can explain your business and personal narrative, and coaching value 
Investment: $150 (includes a session workbook, valued at $25)
Delivery: 90-minute small group mentoring session (limited spots)      

Business Coach: Lorna Stewart
Requirements: You will be required to complete the workbook prior to the session to get the most from your coaching       
Options: Standard format is a small group mentoring session. Option to book this session also as a one-on-one session contact office (you'll receive the workbook and a recording also, but have the coach all to yourself)

Next group session date refer website

Course Image Live Sm Grp Webinar: ​Unlocking Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Seeing opportunities in the ordinary and extraordinary seems to come easier to some than others, but there is no reason why we can't all see opportunity in the most unlikely places. You'll discover how listening to your people and taking a lead from them (listening to hear) can unlock vision. Exploring how to see connections to 'join the dots' and how to leverage your advantage. You'll be supported in seeing sign posts, in tapping into mindfulness and understanding its role in clarity to begin to find your way ahead.

Investment: $165  (includes a session workbook, valued at $25)   
Business Coach: Lorna Stewart, ICF Master Certified Coach      
Delivery: Small group
NHC Elective? Yes, as a bundle**
Requirements: Access to Zoom

Course Image Personal 1:1 Session: Business readiness and overcoming plateaus

The aim of this module is for you to hone in on where to start or what it is that you need to focus on to get over a 'hump' or plateau. Get rid of the clutter that you've amassed in trying to get your business going and find your clarity and focus.

You'll be provided with a questionnaire that serves to find out 'what am I missing' and gain some insights. The session is completely based on your specific business needs. There's nothing 'factory-line' about our one on one session with Lorna Stewart.

Course Image Personal 1:1 Session: Life Above & Beyond Sport

Designed for those undertaking the program Health & Wellbeing Coaching for Professional Athletes (option for athletes in the NHC program also), you'll spend 90 minutes with expert Team Performance Coach, Don Singe, discussing how your plans fit and feel in the world of brands promotion, self promotion, health advocacy. An up close and personal session, held via Zoom to help you step out of your sport and into a new world while staying connected to your roots.

Course Image Live and in Person with Don Singe

If you know Don you'll know this session is going to be HUGE! Jam packed and funny. Don's going to answer your questions about effective strength & conditioning regimes, influencing and compelling athletes and clients to action. He will touch on performance tips for the edge and intra coaching dynamics to be part of and survive coaching networks.

You can send your questions in advance ( or ask them live on the night.

  • Wednesday, 23 May 2018
  • 5.45-6.45pm Sydney
  • Live via Zoom (see, it's free and safe)
  • $25 or free for Cadence Health students (contact the office for your code)

IMPORTANT As this event is booked via Paypal please ensure the email address we are provided is your actual email address you use. 

We are lucky to be able to offer a extremely affordable opportunity to not only hear Don talk, but interact directly with him!

Don is the current Head of Performance for the NZ National Rugby League side and is a two-times NRL premiership winning Team Performance Coach, although his first Premiership win was with Manly Rugby Union in 1997 in the AAMI NSW State Competition. Starting out as the Head of S&C at the Manly Sea Eagles and moving into Head of Performance as the team grew, Don also spent two years as Head of Athletic Performance at the Canterbury Bulldogs. Don’s 20 plus years of working with elite athletes and national and international teams has put him firmly as one of Australasia’s leading Team Performance Coaches.