Course Image Foundations of Physical & Mental Health
This unit is comprised of two modules:
A. Principles of Physical Activity and
B. Mental Health First Aid
And, is a unit of the Nutrition & Health Coaching program.

PARTIAL EXEMPTIONS - if you believe any of the below apply to you please contact the office before enrolling as we can not offer retrospective refunds.

Students with a current Certificate III or higher in Fitness may be exempt module A.

Relevantly qualified professionals such as psychologists and registered counsellors or those holding a current MHFA certificate may be exempt module B.

If you are a 1st year student in an approved health or allied health tertiary degree in Australia you may be able to complete module B the MHFA eLearning module for free. Check out the page below for details on universities, colleges and courses that apply. This is a wonderful government initiative to support mental health among our students.

All students residing outside of Australia and New Zealand must contact the office for details regarding international mental health training options.

As of 15 July this subject will become Physical, Emotional and Mental Health, no students will be exempt from the mental health awareness component as it will be an international module. The existing Mental Health First Aid eLearning component will be combined with the Mental Health First Aid Accreditation unit and become an elective of its own. The Emotional Health component will be comprised of three sessions of coaching the student will be required to undertake during their studies with an approved coach via Cadence Health. No change to pricing will occur. PTs may still be exempt from of the Physical Activity component.